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In my 10 years of designing media (print, video, social media and web), I have been fortunate to acquire a wide variety of experience in various settings. Walton International, a land investment company; Twist Marketing, an agency that deals with a wide variety of clients; Fabutan Head Office overseeing design for Fabutan's group of companies in Canada and the U.S.; A Senior Graphic Designer at Postmedia, designing advertising in print and digital for Postmedia's major newspapers across the country; Contracting at Strut Creative and as a freelancer, managing roughly 25 clients. Currently, I create for North America's largest shopping center, West Edmonton Mall, designing a wide variety of marketing materials. I believe all of these different settings have made me versatile in style and approach to my work. I invite the opportunity to work on new content, explore new ideas and allow my creativity to run wild.

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  • Name: Aaron Dryden
  • Position: Designer
  • Age: 30 years
  • Phone: 403-816-2852
  • Email: dryden.aaron@email.com

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My inspiration comes from curiosity, listening and a knack for understanding what makes brands admired and coveted. Great design requires insight, clear vision, great ideas and a lot of passion. I strive to create art that works.

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